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  • Self Development Programme

    Vision and Goals

    The YWCA (Malta) Self Development Programme are courses designed to assist women going through a difficult period in their lives, to provide guidance and support .This project aims at offering women opportunities to learn basic skills in various areas like, education, literacy, basic computer, grooming, hair styling, Dressmaking and alterations, home crafts and home management skills, including basic cooking, food planning, baby and childcare etc. These courses are aimed to train and empower women to develop their skills which relates to their talents. This will build up self-confidence and home pride and will also help them establish themselves in the community. SDP courses are offered free of charge.
    Self Development Programme Participants
    • Women and young women living in sheltered homes
    • Victims of domestic violence
    • Families living in poverty
    • Single mothers
    • Young women living in institutes
    • Women who are in need of such services

    A very important aspect for women, without doubt is her looks. YWCA members made a study on this matter, the result of the research was that two percent of women who experienced Domestic Violence tend to neglect themselves and need advice and help to overcome this period. The committee has decided to organize courses on basic training in personal grooming, so far YWCA (Malta) have initiated this course for women victims of domestic violence, the first course was held at the Battered Wives residence at Dar Merhba Bik Balzan .We are pleased with the positive feedback we had from students that attended the course. Persons with low levels of education are facing social exclusion and difficulties to access the labour market. SDP project is focused to address and open the doors for better education and training skills, furthermore the IT basic training courses will help reduce the digital divide in a society which is becoming more IT dependent.

    Courses are in the pipeline for women living in sheltered homes, families living in poverty, single mothers, persons living in institutions and women who need our services.

    Tuition has so far been possible through professional members of YWCA (Malta), but cooperation is planned with the local Education and Training Corporation (ETC) and other professional bodies.

    Projects Goals

    Reaching out to empower women and young girls with leadership training skills by providing courses tailor-made for the individual, to help them achieve self confidence, create more opportunities to access the labour market and improve their standard of living.

    To achieve this goal and make this project successful YWCA (Malta) at present are pursuing various channels in the search for obtaining suitable and centrally located premises. These premises are to be furnished with basic domestic and office equipment, so that we can proceed in educating groups of women and girls of a lesser fortune which will certainly make a difference in their lives.