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  • About Us

    YWCA is a non profit voluntary movement, YWCA is a worldwide organization that unites 25 million women and girls over 122 countries and 100 affiliated autonomous national YWCA’s .Our aim is to build an association that provides solutions, to sustain and develop the wide spectrum of holistic services to the underprivileged women and families. We are a group of women from all walks of life, who strive to improve the lives of those women and girls who had fallen on hard times, or are going through difficult times, our mission is to make a difference in women’s lives.

    YWCA promotes women’s full and equal participation at all levels of society through leadership opportunities and training.
    YWCA mission statement: 'Women Committed to the Service of Humanity'
    Our main project is the Self Development Programme which focuses on basic adult education on vocational life skills training. It also incorporates a programme which involves participants to train and learn basic educational  kills in various fields with the aim of opening opportunities to access the labour market. Lessons are given by professional YWCA members and volunteer supporters. Ultimately the objective of the S.D.P. is to empower women with skills that relate to their talents, this will help to give a source of hope to women experiencing difficulties. Courses offered by YWCA are all free of charge.
    Furnishing Homes Scheme is a project that has the aim to support families and persons in need to help them furnish their homes and live a more comfortable life. YWCA collects good quality furniture, mattresses and white goods kindly donated by local furniture companies/shops and supporters. Items collected are supplied to persons who are receiving Government Social Benefits and other socially underprivileged individuals in need of such service. The Housing Authority, Dar L-Emigranti, Caritas and other Institutes refer persons needing such assistance to Y.W.C.A. (Malta)
    The Single Mother Support Group has recently been launched. The project has the aim to support single mothers with children from 0 to 12 years. Get together, socializing and talks will be held regularly.
    YWCA supports the positive development of youths and intervenes by offering social work service to individuals who are underprivileged or socially disadvantaged. The free social services that we offer will help to instill a sense of hope and will prepare women and girls of a lesser fortune to develop a healthier community.
    YWCA is working on an environment project (Greener Malta Campaign) which consists of collecting donations for trees which are being planted in the YWCA (Malta) – YMCA Park situated in Pembroke.
    Fundraising functions, sponsorships and activities are a very important factor to our association and are held regularly in order to sustain our projects; our movement is a care giving NGO driven by Christian faith whose members are committed to empower women through education and training.