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  • YWCA Malta Notifications


    YWCA Beauty and Hairdressing Scholarships 2014-2015

    YWCA(Malta) held a get together to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the official opening on Tuesday 21st October 2014 at Centru Nazzjonali Msida. 

    Presentation of the Beauty and Hairdressing Scholarships awards certificates were presented to the successful candidates. Past students were also present.

    YWCA Committee would like to thank Peach & Sorrel Directors Mr.&Mrs.Stafrace and the International School of Hairdressing Principal Ms. Vanessa Aquilina for kindly sponsoring Scholarships.






    YWCA Malta Notifications

    Update Meeting 27/11/2013

    YWCA committee will be holding a meeting on Wednesday 27th November at Centru Nazzjonali, Msida at 5:30pm. Members are urged to attend.


     Dressmaking: Pattern, Theory and Practice.

    Course will seek to empower women and girls with dressmaking skills that will help them work in this sector.

    Course Duration from October to June 2013-14:

    Commences 3rd.October 2013

    Time From:                         17.00hrs.  to 19.00hrs.

    Venue: Msida Local Council Msida.

    • Lessons will be given by a professional tutor.
    • Certificate of attendance will be given at the end of the course
    • YWCA (Malta) offers Course FREE OF CHARGE
    • Some programmes might include a meeting before course starts to ensure predisposition and eligibility of the applicant.


    Information and Application forms can be obtained from:

    Website:  –

    E-Mail:  -

    Contacts:+356 21334343 - +356 79002930


    YWCA Delegates visit Mater Dei

    1.       YWCA(Malta) Delegates visited the Four Children's Wards at the Mater Day Hospital on Monday 16th.December 2013. Christmas presents were distributed to 35 babies and children aged from 6 months to 16 year old.



    YWCA (Malta) Lifelong Learning Courses 2014

    YWCA (Malta) in collaboration with Msida Local Council will be offering the following courses:

     BEAUTY Care :

     Tuesdays from 9.00am to 12.00pm.

    Tutor:      Ms.Vella Baldachino (qualified beautician) 

    Course starts:  Tuesday 4th.February 2014  

    (Course lasts 14 weeks)

    To apply online visit website:     http://www   or  Msida Local Council


    Mondays from 9.00am to 12.00pm.

    Tutor:                                   Ms. Rita Micallef

    Course Starts:   Monday 3rd.February 2014 

    (Course lasts 14 weeks)

    To apply on-line  visit website:  

    http://www   or

      Msida Local Council


    For information kindly contact: +356 79002930

    YWCA(Malta) Committee


    Notice  YWCA (Malta) Executive meeting 

    Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA Malta) will be holding an Executive Board meeting on Wednesday 22nd.January 2014 at YWCA Centre Msida at 5.30pm.

    YWCA(Malta) Committee